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Issuance of Environmental Clearance(EC) for the activities delegated to the Dzongkhag Environment Committee under Annex 2 of the Regulation for Environment Clearance

   General Procedure(Approval Process


1. Acknowledgement of the receipt of application for environmental clearance

 Within 2 days


        Dzongkhag   Environment Officer    (Secretary, DEC)
2. Screening. Review by the DEC to assess the adequacy of the application, which is usually Initial Environment Examination (IEE), and other pre-requisite documents as per government rules and guidelines. If additional information or clarification is required, the DEC will ask the applicant accordingly.   Within 3 days   after step 1
3. Conduct site visit to verify the information furnished in the application  Within 10 days   after step 2
4. Upon site visit, DEC determines whether the project/activity would require further Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies
• If impacts are significant, the applicant needs to conduct detailed EIA. Time frame for the assessment will be determined through negotiation between relevant parties and approved by the DEC
Time frame to   be negotiated
5. Otherwise, based on the findings of the site visit and the application (IEE) submitted, DEC shall approve/reject environmental clearance   Within 10 days   after step 3           Dasho Dzongdag(Chairman, DEC), Environment    Officer & DEC          members  
6. Appeal on the decision (approval/rejection) made  Within 30 days   from the date   EC is issued/     rejected
   2   Forwarding application to the NEC/competent authorities for other non-listed projects  A. The DEC forwards application to         NEC/competent authorities for non-listed     projects  Within 2 days  
 Environment Officer
B. However, if competent, the DEC also reviews/ assesses other non-listed activities and further recommends to the NEC/competent authorities for Environmental Clearance. This is to expedite the approval process. Following procedure applies:
 1. Step 1, 2 & 3 of the approval process shall apply  Same time limit
 2. However, DEC does not make decision on EC. Forwards the application and its recommendation to the NEC/competent authorities for EC  Within 10 days after the site visit
 3. NEC/competent authorities make decision on EC. However, the time limit for issuance of EC depends on when NEC/competent authorities make decision  Depends on NEC/competent authorities  NEC/Competent authorities
   Renewal of Environment Clearance

  1.Application should be submitted with details of company or applicant.

  2.A copy of Environmental Clearance.

 3. Seeking the reason for the renewal of EC 

 4.Mention for how long extension required. 

 5.Brief report on how environmental management plan were carried out(compliance report).

6. Any other relevant documents such as receipt of fines paids.

 within 1 week including site visits  Environment Officer