Orong gewog is located in the northern part of Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag. It has a total area of 163.824 sq.km with elevation ranging from 900m to 2500m above sea level. It experiences the sub-tropical rainfall and broad leaf evergreen forest cover. The gewog share its border with Wangphu gewog in the east, Pema Gatshel Dzongkhag in the west, Gomdar gewog in the north and Deothang gewog in the south respectively.

The geog has a 6021 population with 540 households in 24 sparsely settled villages. The farthest village is Thungshing and followed by Pheluma village at a distance of 6 and 5 hours walk respectively from the nearest road point. The gewog centre is connected with blacktopped farm road from shekpashing with 13kms and other villages are also connected with the Gewog center by 48 kilometers of farm road.

The Agriculture is a main backbone of the gewog and people cultivate maize twice a year. Over 4365.76 acres of land in the geog are devoted to dry land cultivation with maize as the main crop. The gewog also has potential of producing cash crops like Oranges and Ginger. Livestock rearing is very good in the gewog and the primary source of income is from dairy products . Most of the farmers have a high breed Jersey producing a good amount of milk to sell in the market. They have formed a MILK MARKEING GROUP” to sell their milk and livestock produce. They also take keen interest in preservation of nature and forest in particular.

In this Gewog in each and every household has access to safe drinking water.  Overall the Gewog has access to all the amenities. The geog has RNR centre with three extension staff working in the Gewog.

Orong gewog has One BHU II and four outreach clinic (ORC).  Gewog has one Central School, one Community Primary School and one Extended Classroom and 11 NFE centre with 134 NFE learners.The gewog is also connected with mobile network and electricity facilities only one village is without electricity at present.



Total Area of Gewog: 174.883 sq km
Number of Chiwogs: 6
Number of Villages: 24
Number of Households: 540
Total Population: 5255
Number of Schools: 3
Distance from Dzongkhag HQ: 18 km