The Gewog centre is based at Jomotshangkha Dungkhag bordering to Assam and Arunachal Pradesh of India. It has a total area of 222.430 sq km with an altitude ranging from 220m to 700m above sea level. It experiences the Sub-Tropical forest cover. Though the Gewog is accessible with the motor road, however the situation is conditional, as the road passes via Indian State of Assam. The Gewog has 15 villages with total of 284 households. 
Langchenphu Gewog consists of mainly wetland. The soil types are mainly sandy and clayey loam and have potential for agricultural activities. Paddy and Maize is the staple food crop of the Gewog.


Total Area of Gewog: 222.430 sq km
Number of Chiwogs: 5
Number of Villages: 15
Number of Households: 284
Total Population: Approx. 1945 (M:938, F:1007)



Agriculture Extension center-1
Irrigation Channel- 16.5Kms
Farm Road (Jomotsangkha to Gelongkhar)-9.1 Kms
Forest Road (Jomotsangkha to Golanti-Khowrong) - 10 Kms
Forest Road (Jomotsangkha to upper Langchenphu) -1.50 km
Mule Track-1 (4 kms)
Suspension Bridge (Daifamkhola zam)-1
No. of villagess with telephone connection-8
No. of RWSS- 6
No. of households electrified-248


Primary School-1
Middle Secondary School-1
Non formal education center-7

Type of land use

Dry Land- 620 acres
Wet Land- 510 acres
Kitchen Garden-30 acres
Tseri- 5 acres

Distance from Dzongkhag Head Quarter

190 kms -Through India Via. Rangia & Rowta, Assam (4 hours)