Economic and Finance Committee of the Parliament Deliberates Agri Product Export Issues

15 April 2024

In a proactive effort to address challenges and enhance opportunities in the export of agricultural products, The Honorable Dasho Naiten Wangchuk, a distinguished member of the Economic and Finance Committee of the parliament, convened a crucial meeting at the DT Hall today. The session witnessed the participation of key stakeholders directly or indirectly involved in the export of agricultural commodities.

Representatives from the Bhutan Exporter Association, alongside relevant government officials, engaged in comprehensive discussions concerning the myriad issues hindering smooth agricultural product exports. These discussions were marked by the exchange of insights, challenges, and proposed solutions aimed at bolstering the export landscape.

Stakeholders presented a wide array of export-related challenges encountered in the agricultural sector, ranging from logistical hurdles to regulatory complexities. Importantly, they also proffered innovative solutions to mitigate these obstacles, fostering a conducive environment for sustainable export growth.

Government officials, in turn, elucidated their strategic plans geared towards streamlining export facilitation processes, ensuring seamless access to international markets for Bhutanese agricultural products.

The outcomes of this collaborative endeavor hold significant promise for the economic growth of the region and the nation at large.