Samrang is the smallest gewog among eleven gewogs of Samdrup Jongkhar district embracing an area of 51.25 sq. km with only 36 households currently settled. The Gewog shares the boundary with Martshalla Gewog to the north, Pemathang Gewog to the west and Langchenphu Gewog under Jomotshangkha Drungkhag in the east. Samrang falls under the jurisdiction of Samdrup Choling Drungkhag.

The gewog is about 24.15 km from Drungkhag Administration which almost takes an hour by vehicle to reach.

Samrang had 264 house-holds in the gewog prior to 1990. Most of the residents in the gewog were originally from Gomtu, Samtse District, who were given land as a substitute of their land at Gomtu taken over by the cement factory. A few landless families were also resettled at Samrang under the Kidu program, while few exchanged with the government reserved land as their lands were situated at far flung areas with a few settlements in their areas.

The houses are sparsely located with a few minute walking distances which are provided with a set of solar in absence of electricity. Agriculture production is their main source of income. The household sustain their livelihood by cultivation of paddy, maize, vegetables and rearing livestock. Since there is less population, there is shortfall of manpower to work in the field. However, despite its solitary location the farmers try to reach the produce to the nearby market being content with little of its investment return. Ginger is their main source of income.

As the gewog is located amidst dense forest, it is highly endangered by the wild creatures, mostly by elephants which hamper their cultivated land extremely. Not only have the elephants impacted their produce but also have caused countable deaths of inhabitants while intending to drive away and protecting the crops. On this, the people are given trainings and tips on to defend themselves and also imparted knowledge on the nature of the wild. The gewog is recognized as a poverty stricken gewog with 57% poverty rate where with the help of financial support from GEF-SGP, UNDP under the project ‘alleviation of rural poverty through mitigation of human wild-life conflict’ has successfully installed 5km solar fencing around the settlement at the gewog. Those tiring and sleepless nights have gradually transformed to tales of today and a heavenly bliss has come to them for they could now dream with peace.  The farmers no more have to guide their farms with those sleep weighed eyes. The farmers hence anticipate proportionate production of their cultivation to invested input.



Area                :           51.25sq.Km

Location          :           24.15 Km up from Samdrup Choeling Drungkhag