Consecration Ceremony of the Raw Ginger Processing Plant

27 December 2019

The Bhutan Green Products, the Raw Ginger Processing Plant based at 3 kilo metres away from Samdrup Thromdey had done consecration ceremony on 27th December, auspicious day to produce ginger oils and ginger based products from locally grown ginger with an installed capacity of 60 MT per annum.  It is proposed that in the first year of its operation, the project will produce 30 MT of ginger oil and its capacity utilization will increase by 5% annually.  The project’s final product will be sold in the regional and international markets besides supplying to the local food industries, high-end hotels and Menjong Sorig Pharmacy.

The project is ideally located at Samdrupjongkhar Throm under LAP-IV (3 Kilo) in Samdrupjongkhar.

The project which is first of its kind in Bhutan aims at achieving the following key objectives:


  • To add value to the locally grown ginger mainly for exports.
  • To create a sustainable source of income generation opportunities for farmers and rural entrepreneurs.
  • To create employment avenues for job seekers and farmers.
  • To earn convertible currencies such as INR, Euro, US$, etc. by exporting the value added products.

The Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector is closely working with BGP to create market link between farmers and buyer (BGP) by forming groups in ginger growing areas. Moreover, with fund support from CARLEP project, BGP will soon benefits with Raw Ginger Proceesing Machines worth of million.