Inauguration ceremony of Continuous Operation Reference Station (CORS)

23 March 2024

The National Land Commission spearheaded the inauguration ceremony for a newly completed Continuous Operation Reference Station (CORS) near Langchenphu Gewog Administration. This cutting-edge facility marks a significant step forward in adopting smart technology for land surveying purposes.

The CORS initiative, which commenced a month ago, underscores the commitment to leveraging advanced tools and techniques in land management and surveying. This station serves as a pivotal point for gathering continuous, high-precision positioning data using Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).

By establishing a CORS, surveyors and land management professionals can access real-time, accurate positioning information essential for various applications, including cadastral surveys, mapping, infrastructure development, and environmental monitoring. This technology enhances efficiency, reduces surveying time, and ensures precision in land-related activities.

The inauguration of the CORS near Langchenphu Gewog Administration reflects the National Land Commission's dedication to embracing modern solutions for effective land governance and sustainable development.