The tailoring Training Program at Korpor Concludes with Closing Ceremony

05 March 2024

The month-long tailoring training program at Korpor reached its culmination today, with a closing ceremony graced by Dasho Dzongrab at 10:00 AM this morning.

The event was attended by officials from Thromde Administration, Gewog Administration, and Dzongkhag Administration, marking a significant milestone in skill development within the community.

Participants expressed their gratitude to the organizers and supporting agencies through a potluck lunch, where each participant cooked different cuisines for the closing ceremony. In adherence to tradition, they arranged Tsogchang for the Chief Guest, conveying their heartfelt appreciation.

During the ceremony, participants proudly showcased their stitched traditional attire, including Kira, Tego, and Wonju, along with stitched bags as part of their practice.

Dasho Dzongrab, in recognition of their hard work and dedication, awarded certificates of completion and participation to the participants.

The officials present extended their heartfelt congratulations to the participants and advised them to either pursue tailoring as a business venture or further refine their skills to an advanced level.

Fifteen participants, all women, energetically initiated the proposal to Gewog Administration to pursue skill development in this field.

This tailoring program stands as a testament to collaboration among agencies working towards a common goal of serving the people. Four agencies, along with a private owner who generously provided their residence for the training, joined hands to make the initiative a success.

The closing ceremony marked not just the end of a training program, but also the beginning of a journey for these women to empower themselves through skill development and entrepreneurship.