Establishment of Hair Cutting and Tailoring businesses at Khataythang through the Essential Service Scheme.

04 February 2023

The Dzongkhag Administration has recently supported the establishment of a hair-cutting and tailoring businesses at Khatythang in Phuntshothang Gewog through the Essential Service Scheme.

The Dzongkhag Administration, first, provided training support in collaboration with the Regional Office of Industry, Commerce, and Employment. Next, we supported the establishment through the Essential Service Scheme of the erstwhile Department of Cottage and Small Industries.

The equipment support included the Salon Steel Chair, Trolley VG Pro, Electronic hair Clippers, a Mirror, a Hair dyer for hairdressing, and Dewing Machine, and an Interlock machine for the tailoring business.

All the equipment was handed over to the proponents in presence of the Chairperson and Tshogpa of Phunthothang.

The hair-cutting and tailoring businesses will provide much-needed services to the community of Khatythang and surrounding areas. This will save residents the time and expense of traveling to other towns for these services.

Additionally, the employment opportunities created by this project will benefit the local economy, as the individuals running the salon and tailoring will have a source of income, which will be spent locally.

The Dzongkhag Administration's commitment to improving the lives of its residents through the Essential Service Scheme is commendable, and it is hoped that this project will be successful and have a lasting impact on the community.