Pemathang Gewog is located in the altitude of 600 to 1200 meters above sea level. It is a hanging plateau of southern foothills and it drops down to Assam Plain. The Gewog has a total area of 76.54 square kilometers and is bordered by Phuntshothang Gewog in the West, Samrang Gewog in the East, Martshalla Gewog in the North and India state of Assam in the South. The soil type of the Gewog varies from sandy to clay loom. The Gewog experiences Sub-tropical climate and heavy monsoon rain during June to September. 
Pemathang Gewog is one of the Gewogs of Samdrupcholing Drungkhag. The Gewog has 15 villages and 301 households. Pemathang Gewog has 5 Chewogs. 
Pemathang Gewog consists of mainly wetland in terms of land use pattern. The soil types are mainly sandy and clayey loam and it is good for agricultural development. Paddy is the staple food of the geog and it is widely cultivated in 588.56 acres of wetland. The local scented variety of rice known as Khamtey is also grown in this gewog. The lower part of the geog has potential for double cropping of paddy and maize.



Estimated Area-76.54 Sq.Km


Irrigation Channel- 11.2Kms
No. of Farm Roads-2 (16.55 Kms)
No. of households with telephone connection-16
No. of RWSS- 6
No. of households electrified-298


Non formal education center-4

Type of Land use

Dry Land-588.59 Acres
Wet Land – 975.07 Acres
Pangzhing-3404 Acres
Tshesa-48.26 Acres
Orange Orchard – 11.61 Acres

Community Forest-2
Private Forest-21

Distance from Dzongkhag Head Quarter:

75 kms –Including 5 kms of Farm Road from Phuntshothang